Friday, 2 May 2014

Letter from Attenborough

I sent him a poster (his work is my favorite form of research)

Evolution of Art

I made this and put it on a T-Shirt for a Christmas present.


I took a bit of a break after finishing colouring then I started to research more in depth and make cladograms in preperation for my next one. I might just make a few of certain branches of the tree for example plants, bacteria, insects.


Colour Poster

My next step was to start colouring in my image. It was a lot more time consuming that I thought it would be. I spent a few months colouring it, I used photoshop, deleting the white areas then colouring underneath the black lines

Development Ideas

I got it scanned and some printed out, I also took it to a screen-printers and got some screen prints done. I now have so many ideas of where to take it next.

I played around with the image for some possible T-Shirt ideas and for a poster for a local bar

Black and White

I hand drew my next attempt 


First Poster

This was my first attempt